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Episode · 5 days ago

Long-term Care Solutions

Many people will need some type of long-term care during retirement. This can be a huge expense that could devastate your family. In this episode you'll learn how to plan for this possibility without draining all that you've worked so hard to save.

Episode · 1 week ago

Tax Tips and Strategies to Keep More of Your Money from Going to the Government

The government doesn't go away during your retirement years. In fact, many times they are more aggressive. Learn how you can plan today to lower your tax liabilities during your retiremnt years.

Episode · 2 weeks ago

Protecting Your Income in Retirement

The most important aspect of retirement is protecting your income. When you stop working your paychecks stop coming. Listen to this episode and learn how to protect your income throughout your retirement.

Episode · 3 weeks ago

Understanding Social Security

You're put money into Social Security for years. What's the best way to get it out without jeopardizing your future income? Listen to this episode to learn the many options you have and what steps you should take to maximize your Social Security benefits in retirement.